GFWC National Day of Service: “Take-Out Hunger Day”

Sep 30, 2023 | What's Happening

SWC partnered with YokeFellow Ministry. “Take-Out Hunger Day” provided a “take-out” box containing a burger, hot dog, beans, chips, dessert and beverage to guests who stopped by the YokeFellow facility. SWC sourced all food products to fill the “take-out” boxes.  Area businesses and club partners made this event a success. Boxes and utensils were purchased by a local business. Beaver’s Cattle farm donated 50 pounds of beef.  Sheetz Convenience donated 250 hot dogs. A local attorney provided funds for buns.  Potato chips and beans were donated anonymously. A McDonalds restaurant provide condiments. Home Depot provided water.  Sam’s Club, BJs and Costco donated gift cards which were used for additional hamburger and hotdog purchases.  Local girl scouts and a church provided individually bagged desserts.  SWC, P2P Girl scouts and adult volunteers filled the boxes. Boy scouts passed out walnuts, water bottles and held road holding signs funneling traffic into the parking lot and serving area. As a sign of goodwill, Statesville Police Community Resource Team had a booth on site with swag for attendees.  Amazingly, all needed supplies were donated! The cost of NDS was valued at $3050.00, with SWC spending nothing! The massive onsite cookout resulted in 300 takeout boxes feeding south Statesville.  Recipients received a hot meal, beverage and dessert. Preparing take-out boxes allowed attendees to drop by and pick up a meal or stay and eat. In doing so, SWC took out hunger for 300 people for at least one day. These community efforts brought awareness to food insecurity and how a devoted team can align to feed many.  It was a great day!!!